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Background & Pre-Employment Checks

Background & Pre-Employment Checks

Do You Really Know Your Candidates?

Trustworthy, reliable, honest employees are critical to your business reputation and success. But how can you ensure you are able to professionally verify your job applicants CV and personal background – confirming their employment history and academic excellence?


Avoid making recruitment mistakes. Making a decision and hiring staff without the resources and suitable assessment tools can ultimately be a costly experience. Instead get your candidates thoroughly and accurately checked and tested by our experienced staff at Scope. Learn here how our background check services can help you save costs and increase efficiency when you’re next hiring.


In our background checks or background investigation, Scope staff look up and compile criminal, commercial, and financial records of your prospective employees. Using databases, social media and online searches, our staff can complete pre-employment checks to investigate if employees are genuine and a suitable fit for your company culture.


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Our expertise will eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with identifying the authenticity of a CV, and whether a job applicant’s background history or integrity fit with your company’s values.  Below are just some of the services we provide when checking prospective employees background.


Pre-employment Screening – Entitlement to Work & Reference. What is the Visa & work eligibility status?

Performance & behavioural reference based questions.

Credit & Criminal History – What is the past credit behaviour? What convictions are held for NZ offences?

Traffic Convictions & Driver’s License History – What is the License history, type & validity?

ACC – Claims History: Has there been a claim that required more than one week off work?

Verification of Qualifications – Verify attendance, graduation & qualification obtained.

Full Local & International services available


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Learn more about the many ways we can help you identify any dishonesty, inconsistencies or behaviours that aren’t best for your business.

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