Utilising an online file management system, our clients can check the status of individual cases at any time. This not only improves our file management and workflow efficiencies, but it ensures that our clients are kept up-to-date and turnaround times are well adhered to.

Let SCOPE help you to reconnect with your customers, recover outstanding debts or assets, and serve the appropriate documentation. Contact us to learn more

Agent field calls

Our team of field agents can provide accurate, detailed information relating to your customer’s current location, the state of their home, vehicles and assets, and assist with setting up payment options to clear all arrears. ...

Asset repossession

SCOPE acts on behalf of finance companies looking to assist in the recovery of arrears relating to vehicles and other high value assets (i.e. not electrical or white ware recoveries). Combining skip tracing with agent field calls, we will attempt to make a payment arrangement with the subject. Failing this, we can arrange for the repossession of the asset. ...

Document service

SCOPE can serve legal documentation on individuals and companies on your behalf. We are able to prepare an affidavit of service if required, thereby legally proving the service. Our agents are trained and experienced in the correct and professional delivery of documents. We can also provide tracing services should the document recipient be difficult to locate.   ...

Skip tracing and missing persons

SCOPE is an industry leader for successfully completing trace enquiries (skip tracing) both desk-based and physical, to locate individuals whose whereabouts is unknown. This service can be used as part of almost every line of our business, such as document service, insurance third-party recoveries and vehicle repossessions. ...

Third party and debt recovery services

SCOPE acts on behalf of a number of insurance companies both within New Zealand and globally, assisting in the recovery of debts from individuals deemed to be liable for a loss.   ...

"Fast and efficient is the best way to describe SCOPE and the service they provide to our organisation. The team is totally professional and always meets our expectations.."