Loss prevention consultancy

Stock variation analysis

The handling of product and stock – both in retail and distribution – generally operates with an acceptable shrinkage percentage to allow for losses incurred through internal and external factors such as damage, breakages, faults and theft.   …

SCOPE can analyse stock variations over a period of time to understand the nature of these losses. Often, many of these losses are caused by data entry or coding errors, and can be reduced through the introduction of improved processes.

Once stock is accurately accounted for, the true extent of fraud or theft can be established. If you believe fraud or theft might be occurring within your business, SCOPE can use investigative methods to identify any persons responsible. Then SCOPE can provide detailed advice on the safety and accurate management of your stock, to ensure no further losses occur. SCOPE has worked with a number of clients to provide security and loss-prevention solutions. To find out what we can do for you and your business, just get in touch.