Insurance fraud investigation

Undertake investigations around the world

Through our strategic partnerships, SCOPE has a global presence and can undertake investigations in more than 70 countries around the world. SCOPE operates in partnership with G4S Compliance and Investigations, one of the leading insurance investigation companies in the world. …

G4S Compliance and Investigations currently provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to the world’s leading insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-insured corporations. We also maintain a number of long term partnerships with insurers and loss adjusters in New Zealand. These partnerships have endured thanks to a high standard of service, professionalism and integrity. Our team understands that communication with clients is the key to consistency in reporting, and the accurate management of investigations – regardless of the quantum loss or recovery. Our goal is to always successfully complete an assignment that will exceed our client’s expectations.

SCOPE can assist you in the following insurance claim areas: Burglary and theft investigations, Fraud and fidelity investigations, Factual fire investigations, Liability investigations, Recovery investigations, Flood damage investigations, Travel claim investigations, Life, disability and medical claim investigations, Income protection investigations, Surveillance. SCOPE can provide insurance fraud investigation services tailored to the reporting preferences, budget and desired outcomes of your organisation. For more information, please talk to us.